In 2009 I interned with the Commission on Human Rights & Administration Justice at the Cape Coast location for three months.

In those three months, I experienced various areas of expertise that CHRAJ possesses.

I went to some of the surrounding villages in the Cape Coast area to interview community members, which was needed for the annual monitoring review that CHRAJ performs, and it gave me a good idea about how these questionnaires were executed. Although the interviews were held in native languages, mainly in Fante, it was still worth going and seeing how the communities in the villages live.

I was very fortunate to be able to sit in at mediation sessions, in which the majority of cases concerned parental support or sexual abuse. The Cape Coast office of CHRAJ is located next to the Circuit Court, which meant that I was able to also hear some of the cases brought before it. Not only does this give good insight of the legal system, there were interesting cases to be heard.

ACIPP made me feel welcome from the start and I thoroughly enjoyed living in the volunteer house. Because the volunteer house is set in one of the villages at the University campus, it means that you really live among the local people but still have all the benefits that a university town brings. As it was after the summer season, there were only a few of us, but in the first weekend we had the festival of chiefs, and we were able to fully enjoy our leisure time, as the dry season in Ghana meant resorts!