Sexual and Reproductive Health Internship (Flexible start date)

This internship is open for students to work with the Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) in Cape Coast in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS counseling, Family Life Education and Family planning.

PPAG was established in 1967 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) affiliated to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). PPAG provides Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services in 63 districts across the 10 regions of Ghana. The ACIPP-Ghana interns will be placed in the Cape Coast SRH centre.

Interns will work with PPAG in the following specific areas:

• Young and Wise Centres: provide SRH services, counselling, recreation and vocational training for youth.

• Sexual Health Clinics: provide for both adults and youth with HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing(VCT), management of STIs, Family Planning, management of unsafe abortion, and special male services. The centre also offers ante-natal and post-natal services, treatment of minor ailments and referrals.

• Outreach and Community Programmes: Interns will have a chance to have further interaction with locals  through the community outreach programmes. Interns will provide training and non-clinical contraceptive services and SRH information to the community members. Public Education services come in the form of theater and musical productions and village square entertainment.

Medical Internship (Flexible start date, one position available)

This internship is at the Doctors in Service (DIS) clinic in Abura, Cape Coast, Ghana. This internship is open to students currently enrolled in a Medical or Nursing program and who are interested in gaining medical field experience within a completely new context. The medical internship provides an indispensible opportunity for interns to learn and develop their medical skills, acquire experience working directly with patients, and gaining a broader insight into the realities of healthcare and everyday life in the developing world. DIS offers the opportunity for interns to work within their different departments on a rotational basis, which includes general medicine, nursing, gynecology, maternity and delivery and pharmacy, as well as the opportunity to assist in laboratory procedures. Based on your interests and medical background, if you would like to dedicate more time to one department or assist in a specific project or research, then special arrangements can be made with department heads prior to your arrival.

All interns working in the DIS clinic will be required to undergo an introductory training procedure that will cover the procedures for the collection of blood, the utilization and management of medical equipment, as well as standard protocols for working in the lab. Minimum time committment of 8 weeks.

Rural Community Health Internship (Flexible start date, one position available)

Africa Atlantic is a private commercial farming venture located on the shores of Lake Volta. Africa Atlantic is working through and within local communities and partnering with key organizations to build on and expand the critical knowledge base required for sustainable change and success. This internship is open to candidates with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Public Health or a related field.  Candidates should possess strong interpersonal and relational skills, be able to take initiative, multitask and work effectively in teams.  Candidates should keep in mind that the location which they will be working in is extremely remote, and must therefore be willing to spend a significant amount of time in rural communities. Additionally, candidates should have at least basic experience running health related education projects and community health outreach initiatives, along with an understanding of the West African context and culture. Tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Lead weekly health education meetings 18 rural communities around the farm
  • Facilitate monthly health screenings in designated communities
  • Run weekly student health education clubs
  • Assist with various health related projects and programs

Interns will be requested to make a minimum 4 month commitment. Interns should be fluent in English.