Work at The Commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) has picked up, and just the other week I was given the opportunity to attend a three-day conference full of Directors from CHRAJ. The seminars consisted of lectures and discussions that covered a dense amount of material, all of which pertaining to the new public education program for health professionals.  I felt incredibly privileged to be able to sit in on what seemed to be, a prestigious conference. I was given the task of documenting the discussions had in the board room, and to make note of revisions that needed to be made in the course packet. There were several occasions where I had a hard time understanding what was being said, but one of the directors, Lawrence, an animated fellow who served as a comedic relief, made sure to ask people to repeat themselves, or clarify a thought if he noticed the expression on my faced read, confused. We were spoiled with snacks and lunch each day. The Deputy Commissioner even passed out a bar of Ghana’s prized chocolate to every person present on the second day. All in all, the three-day conference was a success, and an experience I will never forget.

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have also had a lot of fun-filled experiences. I was able to do the Canopy Walk at Kakum National Park, party at the local hot spots, also known as gas stations, and play volleyball at the beach with a large groups of locals. I also had the opportunity to have a couple dresses tailor-made to my liking.


Recently, the only other intern in the house had finished her length of stay, and I have become a lone soldier in the intern house, but I fear not. Lord, Mavis’s friend, who I briefly discussed in my previous blog, has become one of my closest companions. Almost everything fun I have done during my trip, I have done with or with the help of Lord. He teaches me how to dance Ghanaian style, exposes me to all the popular music from Ghana and Nigeria, also known as “high life” music, and watches all my favorite TV shows with me, including “Sex in the City” from time to time.  Every couple of days he will call or come to the house to check in. I trust him whole heartedly, and am always delighted by his presence.  I have also made friends with a few of my co-workers from CHRAJ, Bernice and Arhin, and have become friends with a few individuals who have started an after school program for children who lack parental care.  I plan to volunteer for the youth program this coming week, and will be donating some much needed school supplies. My over packing that I described as “a huge mistake” in my last blog turned out to be not so much of a mistake at all.

Ghana is Good,

Chelsea Spencer