My name is Brian Mann and in the summer of 2012 I was an intern with ACIPP at Coastal Television in Cape Coast, Ghana. Upon my arrival, Simon was an exceptional host! From start to finish, he was nothing less than accommodating. His positive energy and lighthearted nature really put me at ease during my 2 and a half months in Ghana. Whenever I ran into problems, which is bound to happen when you are adapting to a new social climate as a volunteer and intern, Simon was there to help. He always took the time to explain in great detail aspects of Ghanaian culture as well as give insights into the people and society. Moreover, the team that he assembled was fantastic. They, along with Simon, were regulars at the intern house and were there to assist us in any way we needed. They were also very welcomed guests because they often  brought a feast for us at the house.

There was a disheartening moment when I had to accept the unfortunate reality that only instant coffee, NESCAFE, was available in stores in Cape Coast. Simon heard my plight and took it upon himself to pick up a bag of ground coffee on his next visit to Accra. This to say that Simon was very attentive and accommodating to the individual needs of his guests. Furthermore, during my time there I was shooting a documentary about the death of President Atta Mills and Simon was eager and enthusiastic to be an interviewee for the project; his knowledge and education made him a valuable addition to the project. He also went out of his way to set up other interviewees who he knew would have important things to say on the topic. Simon was very helpful to me during my stay in Ghana.

When applying to Master’s programs this year, Simon graciously agreed to write me a reference letter. He wrote a very astute letter in a timely manner which aided in my successful acceptance into a Master’s program. He is the kind of person that, even two years later, wants to help his past interns succeed. To me this shows a genuine love, gratitude and excitement about his interns as well as his career. 

After I returned from my ACIPP adventure I made testimonial video as a gift for ACIPP. The reason I made this video was because I wanted to give show Simon and the ACIPP team my gratitude for all of the amazing times and experiences I had in Ghana. I am genuinely grateful for the epic experience I had with ACIPP.

View Brian’s video here!