We currently offer Internships through partners in two countries:



Sierra Leone








Why should you intern with ACIPP?

1. Wide range of internship opportunities

ACIPP has partnerships with many organisations in Ghana and Sierra Leone. Through these partnerships, we connect you, the intern, with internship opportunities at these host organisations. Our interns have worked in diverse fields such as public health and healthcare, human rights, media and arts, environmental issues, and so much more! Our interns do more than just “hang” around the office. They complete research projects, design programs, write reports, and create documentaries, among others. Our internships provide deep, enriching, and highly sought-after professional experiences. Our interns contribute directly into programme and project development and implementation, building capacity that lasts. Simply put, interns do quality work that these organizations do not have the resources to hire people to do.




2. All-inclusive, low-cost programme

While organising an internship abroad (especially housing) can be difficult and daunting for most people, ACIPP utilises your fees to arrange your internship, contribute a donation and trainings to your host organisation, and provide housing and meals throughout the duration of your internship. Our fees are also roughly 70% cheaper than larger organisations for the same services!


3. Focus on Meaningful Contributions

Everybody can find millions of organizations that provide volunteer experiences for one-two weeks abroad, working on a small project or helping with a specific need. While we love those programmes and see value in them, that’s not what we are about. We believe that our interns need to spend significant time with their placement organisation (thus our 8-week minimum) in order to make an impact and also learn from their experience. We utilize a portion of intern fees to provide low-cost trainings to each of our placement organizations on topics that they define. We foster and build relations with our organisations . So you can be assured that we know your intern supervisor, we know your placement organization, and we will continue to build upon the work that we’re sure you will contribute during your internship!




4. Opening up Doors: Your Competitive Edge

In today’s global economy, cultural knowledge and sensitivity are a must. Everyone can comfortably intern with an organisation in their home country. Everyone can live in a house with their best friends (well, maybe not everyone). To go abroad, and live and work in a culture that will challenge you, in a house of interns that will support you and question you, with our team of local staff that will provide in-depth cultural knowledge to you- now that is an experience that will set you apart. ACIPP provides access to very inexpensive local language classes, so that you can immerse yourself in the culture of the place in which you are working. We have contacts with local Universities who can come and give group lectures on culture, music, history, economics, etc. Most importantly, in each of our countries of operation, we have local staff that have lived, breathed, and identify with this country and its peoples as their home. All of these things will push you, mould you, and challenge you. They will also make your experience one that opens up doors, lands you jobs, and provides you with a competitive “edge”.