You can donate to any of these ACIPP initiatives via Pifworld or Paypal (, and make sure to indicate in the comments the name of the programme you want to contribute to!

Community Eye Clinic

The ACIPP Community Eye Clinic programme plans to provide support to Freetown communities this summer by providing optometric care and glasses free of charge. Through providing eye care, we aim to increase occupational and educational capacity that was once limited due to visual impairment. Find out more here.

Sierra Leone Scholarship Programme

ACIPP West Africa is currently supporting  ten children (seven girls and three boys) in our community in Goderich. The children have been chosen according to two criteria: first of all, they needed to demonstrate good school work and high levels of motivation (based on feedback from teaches) and secondly, they needed to be from low-resource families who struggle to pay for their children’s school fees. In other words, they are smart kids that need some outside help to finish school. This programme pays for their school fees and books for a year, and if they keep up their good school work, we will support them for the remainder of their secondary education. In addition, one more young girl and one young boy will be privately supported by individual sponsors, but with the same conditions as the other ten beneficiaries. We aim to continue this programme into the 2014-2015 school year!