We strive to be real partners to our partner organisations, and thus have decided not to pay them money for the interns our partner organisations receive from us. Instead, we provide our partners with in-kind donations and by giving technical assistance to our partners. We have applied for joint grants with one of our partners and plan on doing so with several more. Here are some examples of recent donations, collaborations and capacity building initiatives:

  • We supplied our partner organisation Awaawaa2 in Ghana with a suitcase full of learning toys for their children. AwaaWaa2 is a registered charity set up to provide specialist services to children and young people with communication disabilities and their families. AwaaWaa2 believes in early intervention and supports the view that “for many children with disabilities the early years are critically important to their future growth and development, and support and stimulation are essential for learning motor, emotional and social skills.  The cost of reversing the effects of a poor start to life increase as the child’s older, and the chances of success diminish.



  • ACIPP bought a projector for Health For All Coalition (HFAC), a partner organisation in Sierra Leone. They had specifically requested for this item, since they frequently hold workshops for their stakeholders in town and in the provinces. Since renting a projector is quite expensive in Sierra Leone (around 25$ per day), this donation already saved HFAC several hundred dollars.


  • To make the administrative work in the office more easy, Liberian partner organisations WOMSUD, YWCA Liberia and DEVMEDIA asked for printers and various small office items. We gave each of our partners a printer, printing paper, a perforator, calculator, pens, staple machine and pins and box files, which were received very well by our partners who repeatedly expressed their gratitude to us. Additionally, DEVMEDIA will get a 100$ monthly assistance from ACIPP towards their youth empowerment programme!
  • ACIPP recently donated FileMakerPro software to our partner in Liberia, AGENDA. AGENDA works on Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Policy in Liberia, and we fully support their work! AGENDA anticipates the software to help them speed up and streamline their administrative processes, which will free more of their capacity for the truly important work!
  • In a mix of Volunteering with a partner organisation and a Donation, ACIPP covered the repair costs of SWAASL’s (Society for Women and AIDS in Africa – Sierra Leone chapter) generator and donated fifty printed versions of a brochure that our Director of Media and Recruitment, Imma Mäder, had developed for them as part of her volunteer hours. This donation will go a long way in alleviating the problems associated with the infrequent supply of electricity in Freetown, which makes work for many local organisations difficult.







  • We recently also facilitated a donation from Ears to our World, a US-based organization that specializes in the distribution of self-powered world band radios to schools and communities around the world, to the Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law, another partner organisation of ACIPP in Sierra Leone. ACIPP connected the two organisation and paid for the shipping costs of the radios. Click here to read more about it.