Centre for Accountability and the Rule of Law (CARL):

CARL is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that seeks to promote a just society for all persons in Sierra Leone, through monitoring institutions of accountability, outreach and advocacy for institutional transparency, capacity building and empowerment of citizens.CARL has its origin in the Special Court Monitoring Group (SCMG), which was established in May 2004 as a partnership project of the International Centre for Transitional Justice (ICTJ) and the Coalition for Justice and Accountability (COJA) to exclusively monitor and produce objective reporting on proceedings before the court for both local and international community. More information: http://www.carl-sl.org/home/









Conservation Society of Sierra Leone:

CSSL was founded in September 1986, in response to the need for a local organisation committed to promoting conservation and the management of environmental issues in Sierra Leone. It is registered as a non-profit making, voluntary organisation with membership open to the general public and is also a BirdLife Partner in Sierra Leone.

The main objective of CSSL is to promote the wise use and management of Sierra Leone’s natural resources through education, advocacy, research and site action. Its mission is to promote conservation (wise use) and management of natural resources for sustainable development in Sierra Leone. More information: http://www.birdlife.org/worldwide/national/sierra_leone/











Health for All Coalition:

Health For All Coalition is Civil Society Non- Governmental Advocacy Network on both health and health-related issues in Sierra Leone. It was established in April 2007 following nation-wide consultations with like minded Civil Society groups during a National Civil Society Conference held in Kenema.

Since its establishment in April 2007, Health For All Coalition has undertaken several awareness-raising, advocacy, monitoring, and capacity-building activities both locally and Internationally. Key among these activities are advocacy for the abolition of user fees for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children under five, and monitoring of the Free Health Care Initiative.

Its mission is to cultivate broad-based advocacy for accessible, affordable, and available quality healthcare for all people in Sierra Leone through partnership and networking. More information: http://healthforallcoalition.org/








Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone:

The Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone is an independent Commission, established in 2004 by an Act of Parliament. Its mandate is to protect and promote human rights in Sierra Leone. “The Commission’s responsibilities are many, including: handling complaints concerning alleged human rights violations, public education and awareness, holding public inquiries, and publishing annual reports on the state of human rights in Sierra Leone. The Commission exists to build a culture of maintaining human dignity and rights for all, through effective partnership and collaboration.” More information: http://www.hrcsl.org/

Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone:

The Planned Parenthood Association of Sierra Leone (PPASL) is a non-governmental organisation committed to the promotion of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) including family planning. PPASL strives to achieve lasting improvement in the SRH of men and women, with emphasis on youth by contributing towards the provision and promotion of quality and affordable SRH information, counselling, services and rights. PPASL is an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). More information: http://www.ippf.org/our-work/where-we-work/africa/sierra-leone








Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, Sierra Leone:

Society for Women with Aids in Africa (SWAASL) was founded in 1990 as part of the National AIDS control programme. It is part of the Society for Women and AIDS in Africa, a regional movement set up to respond to the AIDS pandemic with 44 national chapters in Africa. SWAASL provides care and support including information and counseling to women, youths and sometimes men with HIV and AIDS within their Multipurpose Center framework. They provide training to the AIDS infected and affected women and to sex workers to enhance their livelihood-earning capabilities and reduce their vulnerability to HIV infection. It collaborates with and cooperates with other organizations both nationally and internationally. SWAASL is one of the leading organizations in HIV and AIDS advocacy in Sierra Leone.